The Gallery Therapy Rooms - Holistic Beauty & Massage Therapies

Our signature range is available in four ranges and consist of bath therapy oil, therapy salts, aura spray and foot therapy cream.

a meditative blend of geranium, rose, vetivert and bergamot essential oils designed to calm the body and relax the mind.

 a beautiful blend of uplifting essential oils of myrrh, jasmine and orange to awaken the spirit.

  a unique blend of petitgrain, frankincense, rosemary and mandarin essential oils which stimulate the senses and
 awaken the soul.

  a soothing blend of calming lavendar and chamomile, can be used in pregnancy.


Bath Therapy oil -     60 ml    £12.00

Bath Therapy salts   120 ml    £ 8.00

Aura Therapy spray   30 ml    £ 6.00

Foot Therapy Cream  60 ml    £8.00
                                       120 ml  £16.00 

These can be purchased from the Gallery Therapy Rooms or can be sent via post to you with postage added.

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