The Gallery Therapy Rooms - Holistic Beauty & Massage Therapies
pre-booking is required on all therapies
 Massage therapy
With grapeseed or almond oil
Pure relaxation
Pain relief


Using our in house blends addressing
physical and psychological needs

A totally holistic experience
Back neck and shoulders
30 mins £35.00
Full body
60 mins £45.00

Hot stone therapy - from £28.00
Full body - £45.00

Back neck and shoulders
30 mins - £38.00
Back neck & shoulders
& facial massage 
50 mins £45.00
 Full body 
70 mins - £50.00
Aromatherapy Facial 

Our facial toning massage incorporates
a traditional facial combined 
with both reflexology and massage
techniques as well as our own
floral waters and aromatherapy mask


Lay back, relax and enjoy
 50 mins £45.00

Organic Neals Yard  Manicures & Pedicures
Intensely nourish and revitalise your hands and feet with citrus pre-soak, nail shape and cuticle tidy, deeply replenishing massage finishing off with nail buff for healthy looking nails.
Prices range from
£20.00 for a quick step manicure or pedicure
(1/2 hour)
to £30 for a luxury treatment
(1 hour)
Manicure  & Pedicure £50.00
Holistic hand/foot therapy
A deeper intensive treatment aiding joint relief
warm oils, gentle massage, hot mittens
Gel Nails from £25.00
 Crystal facial therapy
Using Eastern techniques, this facial combines massage techniques to reduce puffiness and fine lines boosting the collagen in the skin to promote healthy skin tissue.
Rose essential oil is used in  this facial nurturing the skin tissue as well as Rose Quartz  for balancing the energy
1 hour treatment £45.00

with soothing back massage
1 hour 25 minutes


Holistic Therapies
Indian Head Massage
Indian Foot Massage (pure bliss)!
Ayurveda treatments aim to maintain the health of  mind and spirit - therefore leaving you blissfully calm
Specialist oils and techniques are used.
Indian Head - this treatment is given laying down to enable you to drift off if you need to!
Indian Foot - using traditional kansa vatki bowl  re-balancing and re-plenishing
(40  minutes)
Hopi Ear Candling
Another ancient remedy  for relief if pressure in the head and ear area - using handmade beeswax and herb candles to draw out impurities and re-balance
A very relaxing treatment which includes a facial massage to stimulate the sinuses
(more than 1 treatment may be required)
1 treatment £30.00
2 treatments £45.00
3 treatments £50.00
 A gentle form of energy healing promoting inner peace and harmony.  The relaxing effects activate the body's nautral healing abilities which can help relieve many physical problems.  Mental clarity is also restored as this therapy offers a deep state of relaxation.
A full consultation is undertaken to identify your particular concerns and how the treatment is best suited for you.
1 hour session is £35.00 
Shortlist 4 Men
"Rolling Stones" back massage - using hot basalt stones for a deeper treatment - de-stressing for muscles.
Indian foot massage - pure bliss!
Detox back, neck and shoulder massage with black pepper and frankincense oil...

£38.00 (30 mins)
£35.00  (40 mins)

Choose from :
Indian Head massage
Indian Foot massage
Hopi |Ear candling
Aromatherapy face and neck massage
Holistic massage
Renew warm oil hand therapy
(only available on 45 m session)
Please contact The Gallery for prices as they vary according to length of treatments needed.
Most major debit/credit cards taken
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